Victorian Veteran Golfers Association (VVGA)

Lonsdale Links

Latest updates from the VVGA Council will be added here.

Country Championship Results from Strathbogie are available on VVGA Events page

The VVGA have put forward a proposal regarding “Indemnity Insurance” the letter can be viewed HERE

Change of date for Teams Event at Stawell. Now 5th and 6th of September 2022.

Apologies to those districts who may have set fixture for 2022, this date change ensures we play at Stawell prior to scheduled maintenance of course.

Covid-19 VVGA Vaccination Recommendations

  1. All clubs will have established rules using the Services Victoria App as per recommendations from Golf Australia 
  2. As individual members we will each be expected to comply with whatever the access/entry requirements of the clubs we visit are. 
  3. Prior to an event the requirements of the club we are about visit will be published on the VVGA Website.
  4. We strongly encourage you all, as members of the VVGA, to be ready to provide whatever proof is required by the club, that we are visiting.  It will not be our place to dispute any of the requirements of the clubs we visit.
  5. If anyone is uncomfortable with what a particular club requires then the choice of whether to play or not is with the individual.