Victorian Veteran Golfers Association (VVGA)

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The Victorian Veteran Golfers Association Inc. and Veteran Golf in Victoria

Veteran Golf Associations have been well accepted by the golfing fraternity as viable and well organised units providing the opportunity for senior golfers to enjoy competitive golf and enhance fellowship. Both Federal and State Governments have endorsed Veteran Associations for providing this facility for senior citizens and consider it a boost to their health and life style.

The Victorian Veteran Golfers Association (VVGA) was formed in 1983 to provide a central organisation for veterans’ golf in this state. There are now nearly 4,000 affiliated members playing in 21 District Associations throughout the state of Victoria. These 21 Districts are allocated into 6 Zones; North, South, East, West, Central and Metro. Each Zone has an elected Councillor and the Districts elect the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Captain. These elected officials make up the VVGA Council.

The VVGA was incorporated in 1991 with its stated purpose to foster, promote and encourage the playing of golf by members of the District Associations in the spirit of goodwill and for the enjoyment of the game. In Victoria, veterans play at approximately 250 golf clubs and can participate in the 5 Annual Championship Events organised by the VVGA in conjunction with District Associations. VVGA members also have the opportunity of playing in other states’ District events and the Australian Veteran Golf Union’s annual event.

Joining the Veterans is easy all you need to be is 55 years of age and a member of a golf club affiliated with Golf Australia.

Simply contact your local District Secretary listed in the District Information Section.